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Booklice Treatment, Control, Eradication and Extermination Throughout Essex, Suffolk and the Surrounding Areas

Ecoguard Pest Solutions offer a full range of pest control services to both home and business clients throughout Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding areas. We provide first class solutions for booklice treatment providing a fast and effective booklice control solution using the latest techniques and technologies to ensure we rid your home or business of these pests. We can deal with and are happy to cater for both small and large scale problems.

Here at Ecoguard, we’re specialists at this type of pest control – meaning we can effectively rid your premises of booklice. Drawing on 25 years experience on the frontline of pest control, our experts utilise a range of techniques to remove the threat of booklice and prevent it from returning.

About Booklice

The booklice is tiny grey or brown insects generally found in damp, warm, undisturbed areas in buildings, where it feeds on microscopic mold and mildew. This little bug appeared on earth approximately 295–248 million years ago. Contrary to popular opinion, book lice do not bite humans or animals, spread disease or damage household furnishings, however they can sometimes cause mild skin irritation. Outdoor species are often referred to as bark lice, since they are normally found under tree bark or leaves.


  • Adult booklice are soft-bodied ‘greyish-white’ insects about 1-2mm long and are usually wingless.
  • Nymphs are very small and often appear transparent, becoming more opaque with age.

Booklice Lifecycle

Booklice are all female, with development occurring from unfertilized eggs. Each female is capable of laying in excess of 60 eggs, which are placed either in clusters or laid singly. The young white nymphs then emerge to feed on molds and mildews until they reach adulthood – a process that takes between four to nine months.Up to eight generations of bark lice per year can be produced, with adults dying in cold weather and eggs hatching the following spring. Outbreaks are common when long periods of humid weather is accompanied by warm temperatures.Booklice avoid light and prefer temperatures of 25°C to 30°C, with relative humidity’s of 75-90%. Dehumidifiers for home can help eradicate booklice by reducing the high humidity levels they prosper in.

Booklice Treatment

Chemical pest control is required. You should ventilate and dry areas with a dehumidifier fan and apply for below products to the specified areas.

1. For use in sensitive food areas: remove all food from cupboards, spray Protector Natural Insect Killer -let it dry- wipe down with a dry cloth and pack food back.

2. For use on soft furnishings use the efficient Protector C for a long lasting residual kill effect.

Infestations will usually disappear during late autumn when rooms are artificially heated and kept dry, but many people have found that using mothballs or mould-control products will help clear up an infestation more quickly.

Remember at Ecoguard Pest Solutions we always use the latest technologies and treatments available meaning they are most humane and environmentally friendly products.

We work in the following locations: Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Colchester, Manningtree, Harwich, Clacton, Maldon, Chelmsford, Witham and Braintree. Work further afield will be considered on a job by job basis.