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Cockroach Control, Eradication and Extermination Throughout Essex, Suffolk and the Surrounding Areas

Ecoguard Pest Solutions offer a full range of pest control services to both home and business clients throughout Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding areas. We provide first class solutions for cockroach control providing a fast and effective cockroach solution using the latest techniques and technologies to ensure we rid your home or business of these pests. We can deal with and are happy to cater for both small and large scale problems.

Carrying harmful bacteria and a range of diseases, a cockroach infestation has the capacity to cause untold damage to your business. With the help of our leading cockroach control services however, you can enjoy an efficient and comprehensive solution to these hugely disruptive pests.

Our work is carried out by our highly trained and qualified technicians who always follow the strict health and safety legislation while utilising the most humane and eco friendly approaches available to us.

About Cockroaches

The two most common cockroach species in the UK are the German Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach. With both of these species offering differing timescales for the way their eggs hatch, we’re able to identify the nature of your infestation and provide bespoke pest control strategies to deal with them – ensuring that re-infestation doesn’t occur. From salmonella to gastroenteritis, cockroaches are hosts to a wide scale of harmful pathogens that are easily transmitted. Omnivorous, they feed during the night eating any organic substance including left-over food. Here at Ecoguard, we understand the stress and damage that cockroach infestations can cause – that’s why we’ve developed a systematic process of treatment.

Flea Life Cycle and Appearance

Cockroaches undergo egg and nymphal stages before becoming adults. Eggs produced by female cockroaches are enclosed in resilient egg cases known as oothecae. The oothecae of cockroach species contain a range of nymph numbers which is dependent on species. The time it takes for eggs to hatch into nymphs varies between species as well and depends upon environmental conditions. Nymphs free themselves from the oothecae by working in concert.

Nymphs resemble adults in appearance and behavior, although they are smaller in size and do not have wings. Nymphs undergo a series of molts before becoming fully mature adults. After the final molt, nymphs of some cockroaches are equipped with wings. After nymphs molt, they are pale in color. Nymphal cockroaches that have recently molted are often misidentified as albino roaches. Within a few hours, they will darken to the proper color.

Adult cockroaches have an average lifespan of around a year but it depends on species. Temperature and other environmental conditions greatly affect the survival of cockroaches. Adult cockroaches reproduce rapidly and are known scavengers. Cockroaches usually are nocturnal. Roaches that are active during the day may be victims of overcrowding or may be looking for food or water.

Cockroach Treatment

Our team can offer a wide range of control services, including:

  • A comprehensive audit of your facility to locate and identify cockroach infestations
  • An initial combination of gel and spray based treatments to provide instant relief
  • Insect monitor installation
  • Where necessary, continuous monitoring support for long term support
  • Effective control on complex eradication

As cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, a night inspection should ideally be carried out prior to treatment. Insect detectors are used to determine the extent and location of the infestation and the treatment is carried out using baits and residual insecticides.

These are very effective but since cockroaches can multiply quickly they can be quite difficult to eradicate completely. We would therefore urge that you contact us as soon as you suspect a problem.

When treating cockroach infestations, we endeavour to use the most environmentally friendly products. We advise customers to vacate their property for a few hours while the treatment is carried out to allow any residual insecticide spray to dry.

Remember at Ecoguard Pest Solutions we always use the latest technologies and treatments available meaning they are most humane and environmentally friendly products.

We work in the following locations: Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Colchester, Manningtree, Harwich, Clacton, Maldon, Chelmsford, Witham and Braintree. Work further afield will be considered on a job by job basis.